Pirates of the Gemüse Cluster

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16 Server Cluster

Platform: PC (Steam)

Slots: 25 per Quadrant

Online since: 01.01.2019

Player Mode: PvP (Player vs. Player)

Taming Multiplikator: 1 (official)

XP Multiplikator: 1 (official)

Harvest Multiplikator: 1 (official)

Breeding Multiplikator: 1 (official)


- Over 100 islands with 362 Discoveries.

- All Official Explorer Notes can be found.

- All Official Biomes.

- All rates x1.

- PowerStone Quest. (Find all 9 PowerStones and take them to the Maw.)

- Multiple merchant ship and ghost ship routes.

- Deactivated collision detection for structures.

- Daily backups of player and world data.

- Restart will be announced in chat and broadcast 15 min in advance. (If an update, maintenance... is pending)

IP Adresses for Freeport Server (Join Server):

Quadrant C1

Quadrant A3

Quadrant C3

Quadrant A4

Quadrant B4

Quadrant C4

How I can join?

  1. Open Atlas and click Join New Atlas.
  2. Pick in the server list Sesson Filter Unoffical.
  3. In the filter at the top, look for Gemuese-Cluster.de and wait until Gemuese-Cluster.de [4x4] pops up.
  4. Pick one of the white framed quadrants and join on it.

Alternatively the IP addresses can be added in the Steam server browser.