PixARK Servers

Wichtige Information zur Server Erreichbarkeit HIER KLICKEN

PixARK Cluster (Classic + SkySkyWard)

Do you know Minecraft und ARK? Put both of them together and what you get is PixARK.

Bring your friends and join us on our servers and go on a new and exciting adventure in the playful world of PixARK!

Platform: PC

IP PixARK Classic:

IP PixARK SkyWard:

Online since: 02. Februar 2020

Game Mode: PvP (Player vs. Player)

Max. wild Dino Level: 150

Taming Multiplier: 1 (official)

XP Multiplier: 1 (official)

Harvest Multiplier: 1 (official)

Breeding Multiplier: 1 (official)


  • All official content available
  • Cross-server chat
  • Gemüse Cluster Self-Kick Tool
  • No server wipes
  • Daily backups of the world, players and tribes using 2 independent backup servers.
  • Server restarts at 4:00 AM UTC+1 every night, which is announced ingame via server broadcast 15, 10 and 5 minutes beforehand


Coming soon...