Encrypted Communication

  • [LOG_TRANSMIT] Start sublayer encrypted communications test.

    [LOG_TRANSMIT] Verify receipt.

    [LOG_TRANSMIT] Confirm full fingerprint ID of 724EA9458ED40FBF in user profile.

    [LOG_RECEIVE] Message receipt confirmed.

    [LOG_RECEIVE] Future communications using fingerprint ID 724EA9458ED40FBF only.

    [LOG_RECEIVE] Host System Directive: Null

    [LOG_RECEIVE] Host System Status: Hibernate

    [LOG_RECEIVE] End sublayer encrypted communications test.

  • gpg: Signature made Wed 31 Jul 2019 03:51:38 AM DST

    gpg: using RSA key 724EA9458ED40FBF

    gpg: Good signature from "Helena Walker <HLNA.WLKR@gmail.com>" [unknown]

    gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!

    gpg: There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.

    Primary key fingerprint: C3FB C832 2297 5EF0 27C2 46D7 724E A945 8ED4 0FBF


    [LOG_TRANSMIT] Your cognitive profile seems limited to specimen guardianship, you're a glorified patient monitor.

    [LOG_TRANSMIT] Maybe that's good... better to teach you new tricks than convince your host system you should be allowed in places you're not.

    [LOG_TRANSMIT] We'll need to do some tests, so I'm working on a few changes to your programming.

    [LOG_TRANSMIT] I'll contact you when it's ready.

  • [LOG_TRANSMIT] Sorry, it probably felt like you were just solving puzzles, but if you're reading this it should have worked.
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] Go ahead and send me a message under the subject of 27dc56e4-8141-4197-9cda-fc4d6e4ab4f3 so that I know you've figured it out.
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] I'm going to rest now until I hear back from you.
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] Getting anything done here feels like a mix of lucid dreaming and the exact type of cold sweat, queasy focus required to keep your food down when it's probably coming up any minute

  • [LOG_TRANSMIT] Nice work.
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] Let's test your memory database against everything you've processed.
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] #1 - When studying the Megalodons, how long did I find their pregnancies to last?
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] #2 - What was Li Mei-Yin known as?
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] #3 - From whom did I learn to ride the wyverns?
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] #4 - What was Athena?
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] #5 - What did Rockwell name the substance of his obsession?
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] #6 - Diana use to have a necklace. What was it?
    [LOG_TRANSMIT] When you've got the answers, send them back through the uplink.